As the 2nd largest populated country in the world, we are facing many consequences of that numbers game. Standing at top with the highest covid cases 20.7M + we are going in deep trouble and everyone sees it very obvious as the system failed us, the world failed us and most importantly we failed ourselves but you know the best part is we Indians never lose our hopes, over 17M + recoveries we somehow still managed to stay in the game of survival and not just standing strong we are willing to fight and win.

Previous year we didn’t have any solution apart from staying at home but now we have our weapon as vaccine, our vaccine drive going very well yes I know we are hitting shortage after 18+ drive started but still, so far 29.1M+ people have fully vaccinated and the cycle is going on.

What we can do? would be the right question than criticising the nation and the answer is you can aware or update your self about vaccination and serve that to others as well, we need to understand first that vaccine is important not because it saves you to be infected again but it reduces your hospitalization and death rate to approximately 0%. Yes you’ve heard it right that’s why it becomes that important to get vaccinated, so don’t let your self be a part of any false propaganda and rumours.

We’ll soon recover our economy and financial stats because we have our number games still remain to use, soon there will be most youth in India than any other country so there will be more mind to think, more men to work and more leaders to lead (not speaking about politics -lol), just think about it.