A lot of people still think that their old ideas for selling and staying in business are still effective, those people are the ones who has done scaling their business on ground level without being  digitally involved in thing’s but perhaps this isn’t good for nowadays.

No, I am not going to brag about this corona pandemic but at least you gonna agree with me that it does show us the potential of online marketing and digital presence as it helps everyone literally everyone. I love talking in numbers so let’s talk India registered 1.26m as of March 2020 in which 7,792 limited by guarantees,307 by unlimited and companies limited by shares were 1.25m Now I’ll leave you with the imagination of scenarios and competitions happening and increasing day by day, now think about the future how would you compete if you having the quality presence managed by quality players.

Applications and websites is a necessity because you have to provide the comfort to your and pleasure of exploring everything smoothly and trust me (actually not me the competition ) that if you won’t someone definitely will, after all, we have heard

JO DIKHTA H WHI BIKTA H (HAHAHAHA don’t laugh its serious)

3d illustration of text ‘web’ with wrench and nuts

Now to clarify more about why a website should be your primary concern when anyone thinks and has to ask something about something (let’s say your niche) the first thing you he’ll do is to pick his mobile and search on google so your presence should be there to collect you precious client response and convert him as your potential customer and when you getting responses to make it worth for you category era to scale as high as you can whether offline or online.

You need website for your business because people want to reach you on their smart phones sitting comfortably at home.

Akash Triapthi ,designthesite.

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